Dominion (koolxtreme) wrote,

Stanley Cup finals '08

The Wings are going to the finals! I think these Stanley Cup finals are going to be the best the NHL has had in a long time. Now I am a little biased, being a big Red Wings fan, but we've proved we are the number one seed in the NHL and now we're playing against quite possibly the greatest Eastern Conference team in quite some time. The Penguins look like they got their stuff together. I think this series could go to game 7 triple overtime and you know what? I could care less because it's going to be fantastic hockey.

Red Wings vs. Penguins. Games begin this Saturday on the Versus channel. I recommend if you're interested in hockey even in the slightest that you watch them. If these teams continue to play their A game, it'll be some of the best of the sport you've ever seen.
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