Dominion (koolxtreme) wrote,

Random musings

Update on me: Nothing new. Subbing for money (which has been pretty entertaining) and job searching. Job searching is the hardest job I've ever had. I think by the time I get a job it will feel easy compared to what I've been doing.

Saw Iron Man. You should to. It's awesome. Right up there with Batman Begin as one of the best 'comic-to-film' movies. Also stay after the credits to catch awesomeness. I'm looking forward to the summer movies. I really want to catch Hancock and Dark Knight, possibly Kung Fu Panda and Wall-e as well.

Question to my gamer friends: I've been hearing some good things about the DS title The World Ends With You. Has anyone played it? I'm curious to hear other peoples remarks on it.

I've been hearing that there was an Avengers movie in the works. I guess Iron Man kinda confirms it. Though it kinda bothers me since now it feels like the only reason they're trying to 'reboot' the Hulk movie is because of the Avengers. I mean it wasn't long ago that the Hulk movie came out. It failed so horribly I wouldn't imagine it coming back again anytime soon. I mean Daredevil failed as much and I don't see them rebooting it anytime soon. I guess really that's the only reason I don't want to see the Incredible Hulk when it comes out. To me it just feels like it's there because the Hulk was an Avengers founding member so they need him for the Avengers movie.
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